N21PG (310)

Photo kindly provided by Normand Denis

Normand flew this aircraft and comments...here's a picture of my #1 Otter, C-GLJH. She was my pal. We flew together for 3 years in northern Labrador. She was just like an extension of my arms and legs. We did a lot of beautiful things together. So here's a picture of her, beached in Little Ramah Bay in July of 1987, north coast of Labrador, about 450 miles north of Goose Bay. On that morning, I flew in 2 geologists, working for Newfoundland & Labrador Mines and Energy Dept. One of them, Jamie Myers, told me that no later than a half hour after my departure from Little Ramah, they where about 150 feet away from a Nanuk (white bear in Innu).

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 Piston - PETEZEL - ASZ-621R-M18






 John P.Gerken


 2050 Ponder Point Drive, Sandpoint, ID 83864

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Formerly C-GLJH for Sowind Air Ltd of Manitoba.