Bob Cameron 2012

CF-CZP with Carter Air Service at Yellowknife 1979       
CF-CZO with Pacific Western at Whitehorse 1957
C-GFTZ with Inconnu Lodge, Yukon  2001

C-GOFB at Fort Albany,Ont.1982

C-GFTZ at Whitehorse, Yukon  2005
CF-BCG at Whitehorse with Aerokon Air Service 1989
CF-ODW on Schwatka Lake, Whitehorse 1995
CF-ODW Whitehorse Airport 1991
CF-BCG Whitehorse airport 1989
CF-QOQ  Pre-1982 
(time, place and photographer unknown)
CF-QOQ at Schwatka Lake Whitehorse 1982

Bob Cameron