The Otter was purchased by Wally Johnston who owned Springbank Dehydration and also Kent Aviation in Chilliwack. It was bought from Bannock Aerospace in Toronto. Russ Bannock prior to this was President of DeHavilland.  Bannock was a broker and got this one from the Kenyan Airforce. Wally bought it in June 1974 and Bannock installed it on straight 7170's and put 4 DeHavilland Dove seats in the cabin. 2 facing back and 2 facing forward. It also had 4 normal Otter seats aft. He paid $105,000 Canadian   (I should have bought it) fly away Toronto.

I brought it out from Toronto in Sept/73, (25.7 hours) It was put on amphibís in 1974 in Vancouver. I flew it for 6 years between my AC trips. Wally died in 1978 and the estate kept it until 1979 when it was sold to a private party in the Bahamas for $209,000 Canadian. (I should have bought it)  It stayed in the Bahamas for a year and was sold to (I thought) Smithers Air Service. It could have been Northern Mountain, I'm not sure. It crashed as you said in 1982 and I think the area is northeast of Smithers.

Anyway all thatís history. It was a real cream puff. I put 550 hours on it while it was here.

Only one pot change!!

The picture was taken it July 1975 at the Chilliwack Airport.

Bill Hann - December 2003