As promised, I have endeavoured to reward you all for your patience following my very apparent silence over the last few months, whilst my nose was welded firmly to the grindstone – normal service will be resumed in 2009.

The backlog of emails provides a wealth of new and interesting photographs and information for ‘Otterhounds’ so enjoy the various links below. I do hope I haven’t overlooked anyone.

With the website now more than five years old the number and range of pictures and information sent in never ceases to amaze me and my grateful thanks to all contributors and visitors, both old and new. 




Marcel FLUET-LECERF from Bordeaux, France has sent in the following shots: Air Saguenay C-GLFL (329) with PZL 1000HP; Air Saguenay C-FMPX (280) and White River Air C-FWRA (213). These shots were all taken in 2008 and its so nice to see some radials still alive.


Ken Hurford enjoyed a trip to Alaska in July and cruised from Vancouver to Whittier. In Ketchikan on July 16th they took the following; N6868b (274); N959PA (159); and N409PA (409), together with three shots of C-FITF (Serial No. 89) in Vancouver Harbour. Ken and his wife flew on 959. N6868B was tucked away and Ken says he was fortunate to even notice it.  It is a recent conversion to turbo power and has been "really" done up.  That is one sharp paint job. Interestingly at my visit in 2007 8B was still radial but backfiring ‘interestingly’ on departure.

Ken also notes that General Electric have purchased Walter Engines.  It seems that TGE felt they didn’t have a product to compete with the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 line-up of turbo-prop engines. Ken wonders if this will open the door to a few more Walter (GE) turbo-prop conversions of Otters.


 Charles Mali is working on a project about Otters and Beavers inspected by SABCA in Belgium for the US Army in Germany in 1958 and he has sent through some shots from his collection.

Charles also notes that there are two Otters in Belgium for Antarctic expeditions. They are OO-HAD and OO-SUD (C/N 297 photo in http://www.airliners.net/photo/Expeditions-Antarctiques-Belgique/De-Havilland-Canada/0788444&tbl=photo_info&photo_nr=1&sok=WHERE__(reg_=_'OO-SUD')_&sort=_order_by_photo_id_DESC_&prev_id=&next_id=NEXTID)

If any of you have information or articles about Otter in US Army service in Germany then do let Charles (and me!) know. Charles Mali Charles.Mali@sabca.be 


 Simon Codd visited Anchorage in the summer and sent in photos of the only three Otters he photographed on the trip.

N205RC (201) of Rapids Camp Lodge Inc, at Lake Hood, Anchorage, 19 September 08. N2899J (425) of Rust's Flying Service, at Lake Hood, Anchorage, the static photo taken 17 September 08, the flying shots taken 18 September 08. N17689 (431) of Katmai Lodge, stored at Anchorage International, 15 September 08.


 John Olafson noted two Viking Turbo Otters whilst visiting Viking. He was allowed to photograph C-GITL, which he had seen several times before but had not been permitted to capture on film. John comments that “Unusual is hardly the word for the livery on that one. C-FDNK looks more conventional, but they would both look really nice if they had all their tail feathers in place”.

John also reports from Vernon:

“Hi Guys,

Otter N491K (434) arrived recently from Alaska (it slipped under my radar) and as you can see, it is in the process of giving up its PZL engine (that makes me very happy) and it will be receiving the Garrett engine next. Interesting to note that this is its third engine type since new. This Otter looks like it has been repainted recently and does look nice and it will look very smart once the turbine engine is in place. There seems to have been a change of plans re this one as it will not be losing its wings to Otter N3125N (394) which is still being worked on. Wings for N3125N will be shipped here from Alaska and apparently the engineers from Katmai will be fitting the wings to it here in Vernon and then flying it out to Alaska. Sometime in December they say.”

Cheers, John


Fred Barnes also went north this year and reports on his trip:

“Hi Guys,

Had a trip to Alaska so I thought that I would give you an update. Sadly not a good trip for Otters.

At Anchorage saw N2899J of Rust's in operational use, whilst N929KT of K2 Aviation was undergoing maintenance in the Rust's hangar at Lake Hood.  The aircraft was still on skis.

Parked near the Evert's ramp was N17689 of Katmai Lodge, but it was so close to the fence that I photographed it from the other side of the ramp near the Penair hangar.

As we were on the hotel airport shuttle bus going home N205RC was parked in the light aircraft ramp.

We did not get to Talkeetna due to weather and time constraints. Did get to see the Northern Air Cargo and Evert's DC-6s, flew up to Fairbanks and back with Alaska Airlines and back with ERA and had a flight in a Beaver at Rust's.

Best of all was a flight in Albatross N116AG from Merrill Field to Anchorage Ted Stevens via two water landings.

Best regards, Fred Barnes”

Great trip Fred and I note from ‘Propliner’ that the NAC DC-6’s have now been withdrawn in favour of Boeing 737-200’s. You were lucky to see them.


Patrick Martin is in the final stages of a finish and markings book covering types used by the RCAF - including the Otter.

For this work he has 22 Otter photos of 15 different airframes.  He is trying to end each of the captions with some sort of very brief summary of history since RCAF service and final fate. Patrick notes that the catch is wherever he looks for information after the RCAF inventory cards - it seems to vary and conflict.

Would anyone be willing to have a look at the captions for the contact sheet and see if you agree, disagree, correct, comment, or just tell him what is bull in what he has found?

If anyone can help please contact Patrick Martin direct at 104655@telus.net and I will also have a look too. Sorry for the delay Patrick.


 Bruce Bowles sends in some great shots and notes that both FMAX and FODY received the PT-6-34 engine conversions and have been repainted. FKOA has the Garrett conversion with the 48v starter system. MAX and ODY are painted and equipped identically. He thinks MAX had the PT6 conversion done in '04 and ODY in '05. KOA is owned by Sioux Narrows Airways (Plummer’s Arctic Lodges) and TOK is owned by North of Sixty.


Ruben Husberg has been a regular contributor over the years from his extensive collection and, after a bit of a breather, Ruben has been in touch again and I’m delighted to add another round of Otter photos to this years supply, with photographer credits accordingly. To avoid excessive download times I have split theSE 15 shots into three sets.

Very many thanks Ruben and I’m sure all you Otterhounds out there will appreciate the value of this collection to the history of the Otter.

[Set 1] [Set 2] [Set 3]


Brent MacDonald has been flying in the bush for the past 14 years and having discovered the website has been enjoying revisiting the Otters he drove along the way. In addition he has sent in some photos of his own. The First 2 are of C-FLLL (292) from July of this Year in Fort Smith NWT; the 3rd is of C-FLLL in Lutselke NWT from August of this year and the last 2 are of C-FVQD (466) the first taken at Otter Lake, Northern Sask’ and the second in Fort Smith NWT both From April of this year. Both were operated by Northwestern Air Lease in Fort Smith.

Many thanks Brent and look forward to seeing more shots in 2009. Safe flying.


 Chip Porter provided some excellent shots earlier in the year from an air to air shoot for Misty Fjords Air in Ketchikan, Alaska. These are the final set from that commission.

Chip reports that, “Dave Doyon Jr. is the pilot, Dave Sr. was my pilot and doing a photo shoot with them was as comfortable as could be”.

Chip includes his favourite shots of N6868 Bravo seen here flying in her namesake, the Misty Fjords National Monument near Ketchikan Alaska. He notes that, “…being black and white she's a bit hard to photograph. This is one amazing, sugar coated, perfectly painted, leather seated aircraft”.

Very Many thanks Chip


Fred Barnes took N339AK in the Taku River at the Taku Glacier Lodge on 7th July 02 and also supplies an image taken on 19 Aug 1969 in Bergen of Otter LN-TSC (397). “The Otter was still in basic R.NoAF livery operated by Ocean Products. Must mention my friend Fred Froude who digitally scanned this old slide”.


Rich Hulina, pilot, photographer and regular contributor, has sent in a shot of BEO arriving in Sioux Lookout. It will be staying for the winter! Very evocative.


Xavier Cotton has seen the DHC-3 Turbine in Malta Harbour working for Harbour Air Malta ICAO Code 9H-AFA with previous ICAO code C-FHAH. Xavier provides some photo’s and he has a weblog at:



Normand Dennis has also sent in some shots of C-FMPX. Hi Norm.


John Olafson reported back in November that Otter 394 had its test flight in perfect fall weather at Vernon.

“This Otter came here in a box, less engine and wings but they decided to ship the wings to Vernon and have it assembled here and flown back to Alaska. They only painted the nose section. This is the first one to use the Garrett -12 series engine and a brand new one at that. Test flight went without a hitch. One Otter still in the hangar here at Kal Air Repair and its N491K #434. It will be done in December.

Cheers, John O”


And last, but not least, Kent provided our last site of the month photo and recently sent in what he is submitting to the ‘Guiness Book of Records’ as the shortest commute for an Otter Pilot. Any challengers?


I do hope that this bumper update provides you with hours of interest and enjoyment over the festive period and I wish you all the very best for 2009.

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