Ruben Husberg Photographs
October 2005

C-GYYS (276) by Ruben Husberg

C-GUTL (365) of Northern Wilderness Outfitters shot summer 1988 at Fort Frances. Unknown photographer, Ruben Husberg Collection.



C-GMDG (302) Of Northern Wilderness Outfitters Shot at Fort Frances spring 1993 By Glen Etchells. Ruben Husberg Collection

C-FODK (13) of Huron Air taken at Ignace 16.04.94 by Ruben Husberg



C-FCZO (71) of Gold Belt Air Transport taken on a chilly morning 17.04.94 at Pickle Lake by Ruben Husberg

C-GGSL (166) of Selkirk Air with titles on the cheat-line waiting for the ice to break up at Selkirk 14.04.94 by Ruben Husberg



C-FAPR (31) in the original Ignace Airways colour scheme taken at Ignace 16.04.94 by Ruben Husberg

C-FVQD (466) of Sabourin taken at Red Lake 18.04.94 by Ruben Husberg