Ruben Husberg Photographs
February 2006 [Set 3]

C-GGON (225) of Whiteshell Air Service still in Costa Rica Government colour scheme shot summer 88 by unknown. Ruben Husberg Collection.

CF-KOA (130) of Plummer's Lodge shot without titles at Selkirk spring 1993 by Glen Etchells. Ruben Husberg Collection



C-GPHD (113) of Sabourin in different colour scheme, shot summer 1988 by unknown. Ruben Husberg Collection.

C-FSGD (316) of Athabaska shot summer 96 by unknown. Ruben Husberg Collection



C-FCZP (69) of Air Tindi with skis, shot at Yellowknife winter 92 by Gary Vincent.
Ruben Husberg Collection

C-GCMY. This is just a better scan than the one already on the site.

Ruben Husberg