Thor Johnson Photo’s
January 2006

This photo was taken in August of 2003 at Wilson Lake back in the Misty Fjords National Monument outside of Ketchikan.  I had just dropped off this party at one of the many cabins maintained by the US Forest Service throughout southeast Alaska.



These 2 pictures were taken at Port Protection at the north end of Prince of Wales Island.  I was on a scheduled mail run and had just pulled in to drop off some groceries and to load up with some fresh troll caught king salmon that would be flown to Ketchikan.  Once again form the summer of 2003.


This one was taken at Nooya Lake back in the Misty Fjords. I had made a stop during one of our tour flights to let the passengers get out for some fresh air.  A good portion of the summer business is now flying tourists that arrive on the many cruise ships that pass through Ketchikan between May and the end of September.


This series of pictures show 409PA on a day that was spent transporting millions of baby sockeye salmon (fry) between the hatchery and the rearing pens in fresh water where they spend several months growing on feed before being released into the wild. 

A large aluminium tank is installed in the cabin with oxygen and circulating systems that keep the fish alive during the flight.   The hatchery was at Burnett Inlet and the pens at Hugh Smith and Neck Lakes.  Summer 2003






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