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Otter 47 was one of the batch of the first six Otters delivered to the US Army, as explained in relation to number 43. Its delivery date was the 28th February 1955 and it was allocated serial 552974 (tail number 52974). All six aircraft set off together from Downsview on 14th March 1955 on delivery to the 521st Engineer Company at Crissy AAF, San Francisco. The six Otters then took part in a survey of Alaska during the summer of 1955, returning to Crissy AAF in September '55. The following month the unit relocated to the Sharpe General Depot at Stockton, California. Otter 52974 was deleted from the Army inventory in October 1959 as the result of a crash, details unfortunately unknown.

History courtesy of Karl E Hayes from DHC-3 Otter: A History (2005)