News Archive 2003

December 2003

The Toronto Star carried a good article on DeHavilland Aircraft, including the Otter, on 15th December and they have kindly agreed for it’s use on this website for 30 days. My grateful thanks to the Star and Rachel Ross. Look at Hinterland Hero’s.


Bill Hann (Otter pilot and all round good egg) has kindly sent me a terrific photo of CF-DJA passed on to him from John Racey and I have placed this on a separate page with added historic information by Bill. He says,


“Hi Ian,
   Just got this from John Racey.  He owns two Beavers that he leases to Harbour Air (C-FMXS 1010 and C-FJFQ 963).  He is a retired Air Canada B747-200 Captain and one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet.  He still flies for Harbour Air on a very part-time basis as needed (he is on the left in the picture).  Enjoy!  Bill


My grateful thanks to Bill and John


Bill Hann has also kindly forwarded two photo’s which provide a magnificent overview of the Harbour Air dock in Vancouver. Go to Harbour Air Base to indulge and dream!


Panorama Photo:-
From left to right are: FIUZ (135); GHAR (42); GVNL (105); GOPP (355) [back]; FODH (3) [front]; GHAS (284) [front]; FRNO (21) [back]. The Beaver is FMXS (1010).

Second Photo:-
Also one of GOPP with FIUZ and GHAR in the background.


November 2003

Photo added to (31) with grateful thanks to Neil Aird.


October 2003

A new book I’ve discovered to note for all you seaplane enthusiasts.
”Flight of the Coast Dog: A Pilots Log” by Jack Schofield (1999)
With episodes about Beavers, Otters and other aircraft.


September 2003

My apologies for the URL changes. Beyond my control I’m afraid. Do please bookmark the new site address at .

John and Peggy Olafson of BC have kindly sent a photo of C-GOFF (65) newly converted to a Turbo-Prop pending delivery to its new owner. Many thanks for a great photo.



August 2003

More news on C-FITF (see July) from Bill Hann. A glassy water landing on Eden Lake led to the floats separating and the aircraft sinking in 70’ of water. Bill confirms that the two occupants escaped uninjured and even stayed dry, but unfortunately the aircraft was written off when the salvage helicopter dropped it!! Apparently the aircraft is to be rebuilt.

C-GLCP (422) is working out of Prince Rupert for the Summer and is rumoured to be returning to Vancouver for the winter for turbine conversion. (Bill Hann)



July 2003

Details about C/N 59 and 357 have been updated. The Aeronautical Services inter-island services using these Otters which is admirably covered in a Propliner article in 1999 appears to have ceased and the aircraft sold on.

C-FITF (89) of Harbour Air appears to have come to grief in January 2003 having had it’s left float collapse on landing at Eden Lake BC (9th Jan 2003). Any further details would be appreciated.



June 2003

Pilot Magazine reports that both the Otter and the Beaver could soon be back in full time production. Beaver Aircraft Canada, based in Kelowna, BC and Viking Air of Victoria BC are setting up manufacturing facilities for the aircraft. New Otters will be available with Turbine power only. Prototype testing and certification will take about three years and the company are predicting sales of about 700 Beavers and Otters in the first seven years of production. A new Otter is expected to cost just over $1m US.