Selkirk Manitoba     30.10.07 


Fred Barnes/Ray Turner





C-FAXC       c/n 1048    Ross Aviation      (on wheels in Selkirk Air hangar)

C-FSJX         c/n 1592    Sabourin Lake      (on floats parked outside)

C-GFIQ         c/n 632      Selkirk Air           (on wheels parked outside minus prop)  

C-GGMB       c/n 1263   Viking Outposts   (on floats parked outside)

C-GMAM      c/n 1558   Red Sucker Lake  (on floats parked outside)

C-GMXS       c/n  1213 Long nose       Sioux Narrows (on floats parked outside)

C-GPHI         c/n 838  Long nose              Selkirk Air  (on floats parked outside)




C-FBEO      c/n 373     Excellent Adventures  (on floats parked outside)

C-FKOA      c/n 130 T  Plummers Lodge tiles (Sioux Narrows)(on floats outside)

C-GSMG      c/n 363 T  As above 

C-FLEA        c/n 286 P  Green Airways   (on floats parked outside)

C-FODJ        c/n 14   P  As above

C-GCDX      c/n 314 P  Selkirk Air   (on floats parked outside)

C-GGSL       c/n 166     Pipestone Air (in Selkirk Air hangar on floats with engine removed)


T = Turbine engine/ P = PZL engine




CF-BSB    c/n N29-15    Edmund Lake Lodge   (parked outside on floats)

CF-FQI     c/n 364           Viking Outposts (parked outside on floats)

CF-IGK    c/n 141            Private               (parked in private hangar)    

CF-LZO    c/n 585           Private                (parked outside on floats)

CF-ZMX   c/n 669           Trout Lake lodge (inside Selkirk Air hangar)       


Beech 18


C-FSRE   c/n CA-61      Excellent Adventures (parked outside on floats minus port prop)

C-FSFH   43-35481       Fuselage and wings ‘stored’ near Selkirk Air hangar