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We start this update with a Vancouver Island special from a busy Campbell River.


New contributor Rod Hall starts this update with a series of shots taken at the famous Tyee Spit, Campbell River. Rod, a former BA Engineer based at Heathrow and now living between Wiltshire and Quadra Island (in the group of islands opposite Campbell River – lucky chap) recently shot N270PA (270), and C-GHAG (214) in the super new VIA colours! Very many thanks Rod and your photos are on their way back in the post. More to come I believe.


And John Caswell has sent in a series of shots of various Otters that have passed through Campbell River in recent weeks, along with C-GHAG wearing the new Vancouver Island Air logos. They include Max Ward’s Otter and Kenmore Air visitors. Thanks John, a timely contribution.


Here are the final shots from Chip Porter’s Misty Fjord shoot. You can have too much of a good thing you know – then again……


John Olafson has been going Otter crazy again and will provide a number of new shots in the next update so do check back. Thanks for all your continuing contributions.

Best wishes. Ian







 Hi All. Apologies for the delay this month. Rather an exciting time economically in UK, which encouraged my parent Co to activate ‘Transform’ – a euphemism for job cuts! My mind had therefore been rather focussed on keeping the buggie out of the frying pan. It survived somehow, so back to more enlightening activities.


Many of you will be aware of the sad loss of a Grumman Goose recently including the young pilot. John Olafson sent some Goose shots back in April which I display HERE in memory of Simon Lawrence.


Fred Barnes provides a great shot of Kenmore Air T/Otter N606KA at their Lake Union, downtown Seattle floatplane base on 4th June 08.  Sadly not blessed with sunshine.


Chip Porter has forwarded several more shots from his Misty Fjords shoot. Do we want to see them? You bet. Here’s another one then. Enjoy!


John Olafson has been out and about and reports from Vancouver South.

Hi Guys,


I was at Vancouver South recently and noticed some additions to the HA livery. All in the fleet are wearing the carbon neutral logo, and the 150 year logo on the fuselage. I was told LCP is the only one with the change to the vertical tail. I couldn't find Capt Bill Hann that day, but a friendly HA pilot took me down for some close-ups of LCP.


Otter C-FITS of Tofino Air was also at Vancouver South on June 14. I have been looking for this one for a while now because I remember it as being the last Otter converted to the Walter turbine by AOG Air Support before they went into receivership a few years ago. It wasn't quite completed when the receiver took over the assets of the company but it was released finally and it went over to Kelowna Flightcraft who finished the work. This Otter needs a bath as it has a lot of exhaust residue on it, unlike the Harbour Air Otters.


Cheers, John


That’s all for now folks. More soon.








Jeff Woodbeck is keen to get your expertise on a modelling matter. Jeff says:


“I am a model builder researching the Otter for a full detail kit I am embarking on. I am using a low cost base kit that measures the Otter well in scale, but I will be scratch building all the detail inside, nose to tail.


 I need help with references pertaining to the engine and engine mount, the Cockpit and cabin areas back to the last bulkhead if possible. Would you have at your disposal and clear photographs of this that are available to be used as reference, this being printed by myself for this project only. I see you have a resource to the manuals but due to cost this is not a good option at the moment but will be in the near future, but I need something to get me started”. 


Well Jeff, a flick through the past Otter News pages should throw up a number of photo’s of Turbine engine mounts etc but may be less helpful on the radial front. Anybody out there with some detail photo’s? email Jeff on


After a winter overhaul, C-FCZP has finally joined Rich Hulina’s fleet last night!  Rich says, “It's been a long time coming and I'm sure glad it's here along with my 206 which also arrived last week from overhaul!” See Rich’s photos HERE including shots of the Fleet at rest. Looking good to me Rich.


And Kent has also sent in another excellent shot of C-FCZP at work on a Water Survey Contract for Environment Canada. Nice one Kent. Very evocative and the dog looks pretty content too.  


You will probably have already realised that the selection of shot of the month was extremely difficult. With so many great photographs coming in during the last month or so we have been spoilt for choice.


However, I am delighted to produce a special for the mid-point of the year with two shots from noted Alaskan photographer Chip Porter. Some of you may know his work on the Misty Fjords.

Chip has captured ProMech Air’s Turbine Otter N3952B over Misty Fjords Monument, Southeast, Alaska. Takes me straight back to last August and my own flight over that wonderful area.


Very many thanks Chip and welcome to the Otter Hounds.


Time to go and lie down in a darkened room after all that excellent photography.

Thanks to all.








 And so, to round out the month, a report first from John Olafson about an interesting excursion in an Otter -


Last Thursday (15th May) I was given a ride in Max Ward's Otter on a flight which would take us from Vernon to Otter Lake, a short distance north of Vernon. Before we left the Vernon area, pilot Dave Crerar did several short field stop and go's at Vernon to prepare for the very short strip we would be landing on at Otter Lake. The power and performance of that Otter with the Garrett engine is really spectacular! After a few circuits we flew to Otter Lake and made one pass around the very short strip there and Dave put it down perfectly. I got out and positioned myself to take some photos of Dave doing some takeoffs and landings and finally it was parked at the side of the lake, the crane came and lifted it up and the wheels were removed and the floats were installed and it was placed at the edge of the lake where she sits until some day this week when it will be flown to Campbell River for some weight/cg checks and flight certification testing.


As you can imagine, I sure enjoyed the flying and also watching the chaps from Kal Air Repair do their work with the changeover. It made up for my missing Otter N753AK, the Bond Otter (c/n 007) leave Vernon/Kelowna the previous week. Cheers, John


See John’s photo’s HERE.


Ok. Hands up all those who are now extremely envious! Nice one John. What a trip.


And, as if by magic, new ‘Otter Hound’ John Caswell contacted me just after John O. He is a retired pilot living in Campbell River, B.C. and often at the local Spit and Airport with camera in hand. On Sunday 24th May he took pictures of Max Wards’ Otter C-FMAU at Sealand Aviation for its float weight and balance and also snapped the new addition to Vancouver Island Air’s fleet C-GHAG (214) replacing the Beech 18 lost last year. Good to hear from you John and many thanks for the timely photos. Keep them coming.


Jacques Habert has written in seeking advice and help concerning the P & W R1340 and I know you guys out there will be able to help.


Jacques says:-




We have rebuilt à Zéro repliqua from à NA T6, with a PW R1340 AN-2 engine. We are now looking for the flight manual of a DH3C, to have good parameters for the engine, but we cannot find it in France


Now we used it with:


36' 2200 RPM for take off


30' 2000 RPM for max continues power


26' 1850 RPM in cruise


but we are not sure that's good. Can you help us and send the parameters used on the DH3C with this same engine to


Best Regards and many thanks Jacques Habert


tél. 02 38 75 60 01

mob. 06 80 11 20 58


All responses to Jacques please but do let me know the answers.


Never fear, Rich Hulina and Chip Porter coming up very shortly. All the best. Ian







 Marcel FLUET-LECERF kicks off this update with three radial shots. DHC-3 C-GLJI (150) of Labrador Air Safari taken at  Baie Comeau Québec on 08-26-1999; DHC-3 C-GQEI (397) of Air Nootka taken at gold river BC on 06-20-2005 and DHC-3 C-GBQC (401) of N.W.O Ltd taken at Fort Frances on June 1990 by the late Ralph Evans. Many thanks Marcel.


Fred Barnes has been on his travels to BC recently and has forwarded several shots of N6868B c/n 274 of Misty Fjords Air which was overhauled by Aeroflite in Vancouver and converted to turbine power from former PZL piston engine.  The aircraft was out-shopped from the hangar during the afternoon of 8th May and conducted an acceptance test flight that evening. The floatplane left Vancouver on delivery to Ketchikan just before noon on 9th May.


Fred also reports that in the Aeroflite hangar was N79JJ (privately owned) in camouflage (complete). There was c/n 393 (ex 4R-ARB) (fuselage) which is to be refurbished for Harbour Air as C-FJHA.  The wings and floats were on the ramp outside. C/n 214 (ex 4R-ARA) is already with Harbour Air as C-GHAG.  Fuselage of c/n 405 C-GUTW of Harbour Air was in for refurbishment and there was another fuselage with turbine conversion but he could not get any further information. Also present was C-FHAD c/n 315 Harbour Air without tail markings.


Much envy Fred. Glad the trip wen’t well and some excellent shots.


Next time we have further updates and photos from John Olafson, Rich Hulina’s fleet expands and a Promech surprise from Alaskan photographer Chip Porter. Do check back. Ian







Wow. Where did May go? All those best endeavours to keep up to date and another month dashes by. Almost the longest day too.


OK. Lets get going.


First up is Jon Boychuk of Venture Air who provides a shot of RHW (445), now fitted with a Garrett 950 H.P. Turbine. Thanks for the useful update John.


Luke St.Maur-Windle provides an interesting set of Otter C-FHAS (382), formerly N382BH of Taquan Air, in Ketchikan taken on the July 28, 2005 in Prince Rupert-Seal Cove. He kindly offered to send more from his collection – Keep them coming Luke, all are very gratefully received.


And now, for all you modellers out, there take a look at this set of pictures from Jim Court. He flew the Otter as crewman, when he began flying in the early 1960’s. Since he retired a few years ago, Jim has taken up plastic modelling as a hobby and one of his favourite aircraft to model is the Otter. (Jim also points out it is also one of the most difficult if you choose to drop the flaps). Well, Jim, as an ex-modeller myself (one day I’ll get round to those unopened boxes kept deep in the wardrobe), these are really excellent and are a testament to the art. Keep up the good work Jim.


Kent wins the shot of the month with this delightful picture and also for the accompanying explanation, which had me in fits.


Kent says –I had just spent the night in a typical shit hole and basically tied the plane to a big f****** rock for the night. I jammed a few trees between the floats and the granite and tied the plane down with every rope I had. The drinking began around the time I tied the last knot!

It was nice to see the airplane was still there when I woke up and that the winds had died down from Warp Factor 9”.


Nice one Kent. I’ve also added you version of the Twin Otter here.


Well, I’m off to bed so that’s enough for the time being. Thanks for all your contributions and more again soon.







A bumper crop of correspondence so far this month with plenty to enjoy. This post concentrates on just one aircraft 007. Ever active John Olafson reports:


The James Bond Otter emerged from the hangar today and it looks like she is ready for flight testing. Another great paint job by the Kal Air Repair crew too. There is a pair of remanufactured straight floats inside the hangar and they will probably be fitted to this Otter. Otter #7 was test flown last Friday and then immediately went to Renton for certification and then to Kelowna to have the floats installed on Saturday. By late Saturday it went to Alaska. Too bad I missed it as I was away at a meeting. At least I got this shot of it last Wednesday. The crew at Kal Air Repair sure did a nice job on this one (as usual).


John also sent a ‘before shot of the Bond Otter for comparison.


Mike Stedman the Director of Operations of Wings Airways then sent in photos of the newest addition to their fleet;


Mike says: we now have five Super Otters. Otter N753AK serial #007 with 7,700 total airframe hrs. (formerly C-GPPL) was purchased a year ago at Bar River Airport Ontario, Canada. It has spent the last year at Kal Air Repair in Vernon B.C. where it was converted to a Texas Turbine Super Otter. Along with the conversion the Aircraft received an extensive overhaul including Floats, new interior and a lot of skin work. The pictures in the farmers field and crossing the railroad tracks were taken on the way from the old AOG hanger in Kelowna B.C. to Duck lake for launching. Photo #7789 was taken at Vancouver South, Photo #7798 was taken at Port Mcneil B.C. and photo # 800 and 802 were taken at Prince Rupert B.C. all on the way home to Juneau Alaska May 10 and 11th 2008.


This is a big file so may take a while to download. Very many thanks to John and Mike for recording the re-birth of this aircraft in what can only be described as a superb new colour scheme. We hope you have many years of flying from 007 Mike and do keep us posted.







The FAA recorded an accident on the 28th April 2008 at Talkeetna Airport concerning K2 Otter AK565TA (46) which crashed on landing in the evening (21.47) with just the pilot on board. There are no reported injuries, except to the aircraft which is noted as having substantial damage. More soon.






Just a quick question folks. Is anyone having difficulty seeing photos or are they taking time to download. My technical abilities are limited but I may be able to speed things up if people are having problems. Don’t be shy. Fess up. Your operating system and browser details would be helpful. Thanks. Ian






Lars Opland took some photos around Lake Hood in late March; the guys at Katmai Air tell him the last piston Otter there is slated for conversion to turbo this year...

Thanks Lars. Good Intel’ and good photos.


John Olafson provides some shots of Otter C-FHAD #119 as it looks today. One of the few Harbour Air Otters without the panorama windows. He remembers seeing this one as a piston Otter with reg N81FW at Courtenay BC. Many thanks John.



Now then. All you faithful Otter Hounds out there may be able to help in the search for Otters (and Beavers) for reconstruction. Roy Leuenberger, the President of Recon Air Corporation in Geraldton Ontario, Canada writes:-


Hello Ian


I am the owner of recon air corporation in Geraldton Ontario Canada. My company rebuilds Otters and Beavers from the ground up.  We recently delivered a refurbished Otter complete with garret turbo prop to Flamingo Cay in the Bahamas.  Soon to go out the door is another to the Yukon.  We are always looking for wrecked otters or beavers.  Have you any knowledge of any, please let me know.


Thanks, Roy.


Well Roy, you just never know. I’m sure if anyone turns anything up they’ll let you know.



Duncan Grant from here in the UK has forwarded a photo of 9H-AFA Harbour Air Malta C/N 406 taken at Gozo on 15 March 2008 after (he reports) a very pleasant 10min flight from the Grand Harbour in Valletta where it is based and operates frequent services to the smaller island (Gozo). It has replaced a helicopter providing island service since the middle of last year. They are hoping to start a service to Sicily but because of the distance EU Rules demand that this service would have to be flown by a twin - thus a Twin Otter would be used for Sicily if it gets started this summer. By the way Duncan notes there are now 2 Twin Otters flying in Corfu on floats providing service to other Greek Islands and Brindisi


Duncan sets a high standard for Otter Hounding as he flew to Malta out Friday back Sunday just before he left GB Airways especially to fly on the Otter!


Exceptional devotion to duty Duncan and very many thanks for the photo.


More to come later in the Month with a special update of 007 from John Olafson. Enjoy.








Marcel FLUET-LECERF has sent a further three excellent and interesting shots from his collection:-


DHC-3T N9758N c/n 440 taken on 04/28/2000 in the Nantes Harbour (France) and destroyed on 07/01/2000 at Didier la Forêt (France)


DHC-3 C-GVNL c/n 105 Cepal/Air Bellevue taken on 08/20/1999 at Saint Félicien /Lac Saint Jean  Pr of Québec


DHC-3 C-GPHD c/n 113 Sabourin?  taken on 08/26/1999 at Baie Comeau Pr of Québec


Merci beaucoup Marcel


John Olafson has turned journalist and written an article with photos which was recently published in Canadian Aviator Magazine. It’s about a deHavilland Otter which was acquired by the legendary Canadian aviation pioneer, Max Ward, the former owner of Ward Air.


Nice one John. I will have a word with the Magazine and see if we can reproduce it here in due course.


And John also reports on another Super Otter N753AK which is nearing completion. They have kept the old 007 logo.


And finally the Shot of the Month for May goes to Fred Barnes for a wonderful shot of Ketchum Air Service Otter N234KA on Lake Hood in late evening of 8th June 1988. Nice one Fred.







Marcel FLUET-LECERF who lives near Bordeaux in France has sent in a couple of excellent shots from his collection. DHC-3 C-FBEU of Labrador Air Safari was taken in 1995 at the aircrafts home base in Quebec, whilst the other is Emerald Air Service N1018B at Homer AK in July 2007. Both were taken during Canada-Alaska voyages and Marcel tells me another is planned for later this year. Many thanks Marcel and we look forward to more from you. Enjoy your trip.


For those of you interested in modelling Lars Opland has sent in the following:-


Hi Ian,


I notice that 'way back in July of 2005, I sent a photo of my little 1/72 Otter along with some other pics. You asked there in the blog where this kit can be found & I don't recall if you ever got an answer.


Hobbycraft Canada has Otter & Beaver kits with wheels, skis & floats in both 1/72 & 1/48 scale. When available, these & the Beaver kits can usually be found in the catalog of any major distributor & on the shelves of any well-run hobby shop. A word of caution about the 1/48 Beaver: it is supposed to be just a scale-up of their 1/72 gem, but several gross errors got worked into the larger one.


Best Regards, -Lars


P.S. Been busy producing kits of the Bellanca Pacemaker & Waco YKS...& associated Edo K-4650 & P-3300 floats ( )...& have lost track of what photos I've already sent or when......


P.P.S. Gordon Parker of Whiskey Jack Decals is "semi-retired" & one may have difficulty getting decals from that source. The markings on my Lake Clark Air Service Otter were masked & airbrushed with hand-cut stencils.


Thanks Lars. I have the Beaver kit still in the box awaiting the right moment but really must track down the Otter. Thanks for the useful information.


Jason Pineau from Yellowknife NT writes:-


I just thought I would contribute a couple of photos to your excellent site. [ too kind sir]


C-FZDV (cn349) has been with Air Tindi since June 2006.  It recently had an upgross kit installed, and due to paperwork delays I haven't seen it flying since I came to Yellowknife 3 months ago.  I have attached a picture of it, taken on Feb 3, 2008.


I also have a photo of Whistler Air's Otter, C-GEND on skis which was taken on April 1st, 2007 at Vancouver Int'l airport.


Cheers Jason


Thanks Jason. Good to hear from the northern lands and some great shots. Interesting to see C-GEND with wheels.


And finally for this update our regular stringer from BC John Olafson reports:-


Hello Ian,


I heard this week from STOLairus in Kelowna that they have obtained two Otters and they will arrive in Kelowna in the next few weeks. I plan to photograph them as soon as they arrive (if they remember to advise me when they get here) [would they dare not too?]


CF-UKN c/n 456  will be converted to Walter turbine in Kelowna. This Otter has been operating in Ontario for a long time


N103SY c/n 296 This one has been in Alaska and has previously been converted to the Walter turbine


From pictures I have seen, both of these are beautifully painted Otters.


Cheers, John


We look forward to the pictures John and as ever many thanks.









Barry Lightening is the Flight Operations Manager of Harbour Air Malta which is at present operating one DHC -3T 9H-AFA.


At present they are employing Canadian pilots using the facility of a JAR validation scheme for each license.


This facility may well be withdrawn in July when EASA comes into full force, and as such he is trying to find an FTO with the capability to convert JAR licensed pilots onto the aircraft.


If anyone has any bright ideas then do please email me and I will pass on the information.


The Scottish and Irish seaplane operations have already been passed on.









(There has to be something wrong with Easter in mid March!)


Firstly my apologies for the apparent silence for a month or so. Pressure of work and requirements of a new laptop (necessitating all the usual reconfig) provided little time for updates, but I’m pleased to offer an early Easter Bumper Special to keep you all on the straight and narrow.


John Olafson reports the latest from Vernon concerning N338D (338):-


Hi Guys,


Otter 338 arrived here in Vernon at Kal Air Repair earlier this month in a crate when I was away. This is how it looks as of today. This one will receive the Vazar conversion. You can see the re-skinning of the fuselage which took place some time ago after that unusual big door which had been installed was removed. Apparently they left the original doors inside that larger door as part of the modification.


Thanks to Karl Hayes and his detailed history on Otters, I discovered that I had flown in this Otter in the early seventies when it was operated by Northern Thunderbird Air in BC. I chartered it several times to go from Prince George to Fort Ware on floats.


Sorry for the lousy shot of the identity plate, which is mounted in an unusual location. It has been scratched up pretty bad, but it’s interesting to see the additions made to it. I will be keeping my eye on this one for sure. By the way, Otter 007 is still in the jig and looking pretty good now.

They had to replace a lot of skin on it.


Cheers, John


As ever John many thanks and here are the photos to go with the report.



A new contributor David Mathew provides a number of photos from his collection which are aircraft he actually maintains at Northern Aviation Maint. & Repair, LLC. [SET 1] [SET 2]


My name is David Mathew, and I think Otters are one of the best airplanes ever built, and I’m glad someone decided to make a website to give them a home. Great job! I was looking for a few of the airplanes I maintain, and found either no information or really old pictures of them, so I thought that you would like to have updated information.


N362TT (s/n 362) , N361TT (s/n 361) and N197TT (s/n 197) are all owned by R&J Aircraft Leasing in Anchorage, AK, and have been for a number of years. I’ve included a few recent photos of them for the website. N197TT crashed August 2004 due to weather west of McGrath, AK and was pretty much a complete loss.


N252TA (s/n 252) is owned and operated by Talon Air Service in Nikiski, AK


N205RC (s/n 201) Is owned and operated by Rapids Camp Lodge in King Salmon, AK


If you have any questions, feel free to email me back. I hope that all helps!


-David Mathew (Northern Aviation Maint. & Repair, LLC)


Great to hear from you David and keep up the good work keeping the Otters flying. Very many thanks for the excellent contribution to the site.



 Marshall Menifee of Thunder Bay Ontario has kindly sent in a report concerning C-FGTL and C-FBEW


Hi Ian just to let you know GTL is in Geraldton Ontario getting rebuilt by Recon Air. It will then go on to Black Sheep Air when done. Otter C-FBEW is also their. It was operated with Pickle Lake Air till it crashed on March 17 1986 it will be done next. 


Good to hear from you Marshall and do keep us posted on progress if you can.



   John Olafson has also been busy away from home and  “thought you would like this sequence of shots I took of Otter C-FRNO as it arrived and shortly after departed at Langley, British Columbia. Harbour Air has a scheduled service between Victoria's inner harbour and Langley and it has become quite popular with travellers. I was lucky to be there at Langley just at the right time and as you can see the weather was perfect”. [click here]


Seems like only yesterday I was there myself John. Many thanks.



Kent has been busy again and reports:-


Hi Ian,


I just got back from a trip up north with the Water Survey Branch of Environment Canada. This picture was taken on the Windigo River just south of the community of Muskrat Dam. Their mission seems to be to get me to land on the thinnest ice possible so that they can determine the level of the water and to monitor the amount of water flowing  through various rivers throughout Northern Ontario.  They do this by drilling holes in the ice (to further weaken it), and then lower a device into the water that generates beeping sounds.  The rate of the beeps is relative to the strength of the current.  Basically, they get paid a lot of money to count beeps....


Best regards, Kent


The things you Otter pilots get up to eh!!


They’ve just screened a series on TV here in the UK called ‘Ice Road Truckers’ – I’m sure their next project should be “Bleeping Ice Landings on Bleeping Thin Ice”.


And not only is Kent clearly a glutton for aviation punishment, but I think all you Otter Hounds out there will really appreciate his excellent photograph which makes the April Shot of the Month (just that little bit early this year). Nice one Kent.


Finally, for all of you who subscribe to ‘Propliner’ (and for those who don’t, but really ought to!) I note Fred Barnes has been at it again in northern Canada with a report from his trip to Churchill including a number of excellent Otter shots taken when in Selkirk. C-FBEO, C-FODJ and C-GSMG are featured. Sounds like another great trip Fred.


I look forward to a positive deluge of new material during the year and my grateful thanks to all contributors both new and old and, of course, for all of you for tuning in, as they say.  Ian








Kicking off this month Thor Johnson has been rifling through his drawers so to speak and found the Shot of the Month – N11250 (red) and N511BW (yellow) – a formation landing in the harbour in Ketchikan during the summer of 1987. Nice one Thor. It may be an oldie but is definitely a goodie.


Kent has forwarded two shots of FNWX (412) conducting a fuel haul recently. Evidently not his most favourite job as he says “thank God that's over…”. Fuel, snow, ski takeoffs and landings… I can take you point!


And finally Fred Barnes good friend Fred Froude has been doing some experiments with scanning some of his old slides and as a starter for ten Fred send us a slide of Otter C-FRHW (445) of Trans Provincial Airlines taken at Seal Cove, Prince Rupert on 7th June 1990. A wonderfully evocative shot and keep up the good work you Freds.







OtterMeister Karl Hayes has produced an update for his CD (see below) which can be downloaded from here . Scroll to the bottom of the page.






Welcome to 2008 and a Happy New Year to you all.


A quiet Christmas provided useful time to review the website and commence the installation of Aircraft Histories to each aircraft page, based on Karl Hayes excellent work. He very kindly suggested I do this some time ago, but I felt that this would be to take away from his extensive CD and even now there is more to that disc than I can hope to cope with for the foreseeable future.


I have uploaded the first 10 (c/n’s 1-10) and will continue to add histories throughout the year as time permits. So if you don’t have a copy yet here are the details again for Karls’ excellent work – Go on, you know you want to!



The CD has the complete historical data for all 466 Otters and is the first comprehensive update of Otter aircraft since Karl’s highly regarded book in the early 1980’s. It is a ‘must have’ for all Otter aficionado’s.  Do support Karl’s work if you can.


The CD is available from:-


Karl Hayes,


Killiney Hill Road,





Cost EURO 20/£14 sterling/CAD$28 to include return postage.             


Very many thanks again Karl.


And now, for all you Otter Hounds who are gearing up for another year of Otter spotting, don’t forget to send in those shots – all are gratefully received and will be used. Spread the word too. If you know people who would like to be included on the email update then let me know.


I look forward to hearing from you. Ian