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Another year has dashed by and tomorrow is Christmas Day again. Far too busy for my own good this year, but needs must. And keeping the kids fed and the dog in sufficient bones has taken priority. However, despite that, it has been another good year for Otter Info and my thanks go out to all those who have contributed; some new to the site, others who are regulars. My thanks to you all as, without you, the site would not be what it is. If time permits I am going to try and update the main directories as I know these are not up to date and there are photos and details to add to many pages.

Stephen McGuinn kicks off this festive update with a series of photos by Brian Weisflock who kindly gave his permission. Brian currently owns the shell refueling depot at North Bay airport apparently. I see one shot is from a magazine with mention of the well known bush pilot and author Robert S Grant. Anyone know if he is still flying? And Steve also provides a YouTube link that may cause  sage nodding of recognition from some and serious wincing on the part of others! Thanks Steve.

Praeman Pillay is an Otter Pilot flying in Malta for Harbourair and sends it two shots of 9h-AHA (406) taken at his base. Glad to see AHA is earning her keep in warmer waters again having been originally in Burma I believe. And also from Praeman two shots of C-FHPE (273) taken at La Ronge and several shots of C-FSGD Dropping off fire men; Taking off; On a beach close to Stony Rapids and one with Cliff's piston Otter C-FPEM at his camp on Lake Athabasca.  Very many thanks Praeman.

Fred Barnes has sent in a retro shot of C-FSOR (239) when she was with Air Hart at Kelowna 20.06.95. Fred notes that SOR is now 'turbine powered' and flies with Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts. Great shot Fred.

John Austin-Williams (Public Relations and Media Liaison Officer: South African Airways Museum Society ) has started a new website dedicated to all de Havilland aircraft in South Africa, past and present see

John would appreciate any comments, suggestions, information, stories and photographs and can be contacted at

Finally Kent has taken an interestingly artistic shot and he notes, "If it wasn’t for the pointy nose this picture looks like it could be from the 1950’s". Absolutely Kent. What a good idea. Like it.

And as this is Christmas don't forget Rich Hulina's book 'Bush Flying Captured' featured on the Cockpit page; there are what looks like some interesting DVD's at; Design Group Alpha's card models of the Otter would be worth a bit of modelling time at; and don't forget a nice buckle at;

Here's wishing you all a quiet and Happy Christmas and all the Very Best for 2012

November 18th Kent has been a regular contributor for many years and never fails to deliver new and evocative photographs whilst out flying Rich Hulina's Otter for a living. Here are two more on a rapidly lowering water levels (and skies!). [HERE]

Bruce Bowles kindly sends in some current photos of FMAX and FODY [HERE]. He notes they were turbinized 6 or 7 years ago and repainted in a new paint scheme. Both pictures were taken at Croll Lake, MB

Bruce also updates FMAU which is no longer with the Province of Manitoba but was traded to Max Ward for his Twin Otter FWAH and now flies for the MGAS. Many thanks Bruce. There may only have been 476 Otters ever made but they take some keeping up with.

Now, at the end of last month I happened to note a report on Neil Aird's DHC2 Beaver site from Reinhard Zinabold who had just completed a bushplane tour of Northern Ontario and Manitoba, the trip report running to 120 pages alone!!

The tour photos are available on Flickr at:

Now this is a wonderful tour de force (including many Otter photographs) which I'm sure will be of interest to you all and whetted my appetite for a trip like this of my own (one day). Currently he's planning a new trip to the north-eastern part of Ontario for next summer - more Otter's to come!

I took the opportunity to contact Reinhard to ask what camera techniques he used as my lame efforts cannot come close to his, and this is his reply:

I'm using a Nikon D90 (with a D60 as backup). In general I'm using the automatic functions of the camera (with shutter-priority setting). I also use a slight underexposure by adjusting the ISO sensitivity. In addition I also use Photoshop to give the pictures a "final touch" (if necessary).

So there we are. Some inside tips for you to consider and my thanks again to Reinhard for taking time out to get back to me.

If you have any particular tips and tricks to get those shots just right, feel free to send them in.

John Olafson forwarded information from Bill Campbell about a rather odd occurrence in Vancouver recently at the new downtown float terminal; the sinking of Otter C-FHAS!

This does not bode too well for this brand spanking new facility, but no doubt they will sort it out quickly. A news report including video can be seen here:

Thanks to Bill and John for this intel'.

And John Olafson has forwarded a link to an accident report concerning the crash of The CGI Communications Otter last year with Senator Ted Stevens on board.

Bruce Coatta, Principal of EARLS Industries Ltd, has kindly forwarded information about the Sea and Floatplane Convention 2012 [ ]which will be held in Vancouver on the 1st and 2nd November next year. He asks also if any of you can provide additional contacts for others who may be interested, either as delegates, exhibitors, sponsors or any other form of participation. Bruce can be emailed at

Finally, you may remember I put together a downloadable Otter Calendar last year and all being well I will be preparing this years over the next couple of weeks, in time for Christmas. Watch this space.

October 1st John Olafson kicks off this update with a before and after of CF-APQ (201). John says:
I was going through my Alaska photos and found this picture I took at Lake Hood. I remember it as CF-APQ when it came to Kal Air Repair for conversion to turbine but never got a chance there to photograph it before it left Vernon. They did a nice job on the conversion. I am not sure if I sent you these images of APQ just after it arrived at Vernon. I'm glad I got this picture of the original Otter exhaust system. Soon it will be a thing of the past. [ HERE ]

Thanks John. An interesting mini-history collection. And thanks also for the article link about the resurrection of the Twin Otter at Viking Air -

Otter Pilot Kent has had a busy and interesting Otter summer by the look of things, but I think the dog is less impressed! [ HERE ]

I too have been flying this week with a 650 mile round trip to the south coast to meet a client. With 8/8 at 1,000ft all the way and my landing airfield ATIS reporting 4500m in mist I was beginning to wonder after 2.30hrs flying whether it was such a bright idea. Thankfully the METAR was accurate and by the time I arrived the fog was clearing sufficiently for a visual approach. The trip back in the afternoon was CAVOK glorious. Far too much fun in just one day!!

Otterhound Fred Barnes write:

Now received my copy of Rich Hulina's 'Bush Flying Captured' book which is simply wonderful. With an excellent selection of good quality photographs the book really does capture the world of bush flying.

I have two images for you......

N357AS c/n 357 Aeronautical Services Inc. at Friday Harbour 14.06.99. (Now C-FHAA)

C-GVIX c/n 97 Vancouver Island Air at Campbell River floatplane base 15.06.11.

Thanks Fred. My copy is getting well thumbed too. Great Photos. [ HERE ]

Fred and Neil Aird (of also let me know about the crash last week of Otter N361TT (361) just out of Old Harbor in Kodiak, Alaska, sadly with the loss of Pilot James Andie. Full story from this link.

And finally were back with Kent again for a very moody finale to the summer.
[ HERE ] What a lovely shot. You do get to some great locations Kent.

Well, that's it for now. Take care all and don't forget to order Rich Hulina's book in time for Christmas.

August 24th Richard Harris M CIV USN, TPS sent in a photo and accompanying article that was released by NAVAIR for publication regarding their NU-1B Otter. The Otter is currently decked out with a Centennial of Naval Aviation seal (see photo) celebrating its place as the only flying military Otter in the world and the Oldest BUNO in the Navy. Here is a photo of the Otter on the ramp outside the Test Pilot School on the day, and a report of the event with background details.

Many thanks for keeping us up to date Richard.

Fred Barnes has been out and about in BC again and sends in some excellent shots taken recently at Viking Air and Kenmore.

C-FDNK c/n 385 Viking Air, Sidney (14.06.11)
C-GIWQ c/n 59 parked at Viking Air (14.06.11)
N50KA c/n 221 Kenmore Air (K5 Evening colours) Victoria Harbour (15.06.11)
C-FJHA x2 c/n 393 Victoria Harbour 14.06.11. Head on and curved approach.
C-FJHA c/n393 Victoria Harbour 15.06.11 (in front of flats)
C-FHAD c/n119 Victoria Harbour 15.06.11.

Daryl Adams
been searching for a 1/6th scale Radio Control single Otter kit and found the following:

6' and 8' DHC-3 Otter:

Daryl is evidently a keen RC modeller as he thinks these are a bit small for him, but they look good to my amateur eye nonetheless and in the absence of flying a 1:1 scale I'm sure they will be of interest to all Otterhounds. Thanks Daryl.

John Olafson was in Juneau in May and enjoyed watching the Wings Airways Otters. Here is a picture of the five of them at rest. But as John points out, not for long, as they are very busy in the tourist season. The deck outside the door to the flight office is a great place to view these activities, and if you're on a cruise, just stay on deck with a beer to watch all the fun.

Can Anyone help Jim Johnston?
Jim writes: I have been looking for a picture of this aircraft [CF ODW #403] for awhile. When I worked for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in Wawa Ontario I flew many, many hours in ODW (which we referred to as Old Dirty Woman) for air photography. If I ever track down a photo I will send it.
Thanks for the info you have collected.

OK all you Otterhounds. Can we help Jim with a decent picture or two of an Old Ditry Woman!! let me know.

And Finally, Jason Pineau has been in touch an writes:

Thought you might be interested in some Otter pics from around the north.  Ookpik Aviation's Otter, C-FPEN, seems to be flying non-stop out of Baker Lake, Nunavut, every time I'm there.  They've been trying to get the American registered Otter, N113DG, up and running as well, but have been held back by paperwork.  Word is Ookpik has yet another Otter currently being built for them as well.  They operate solely on wheels, with wheel/skis attached in the winter.  They've apparently got some tundra tires on order as well!

And then I also captured one of Plummer's Lodge's Otters, C-FKOA, landing on Back Bay in Yellowknife.

Great report Jason and many thanks for the photos showing the capabilities of the Otter on all kinds of landing gear.

Well, that's it folks and hope you are all having a great summer (he says looking out of the window at yet another downpour! - isn't an English summer wonderful).

JUNE 25th Roving pilot Kent has - in his own words - has been Just Fuelling Around recently and took his camera with him. Great stuff Kent. These are wonderfully evocative shots. [HERE]

And, with Kent's boss in mind, keep a weather eye on Rich Hulina's website He has published a long awaited book of his photographs of bush aircraft "Bush Flying Captured" which is due out next month. You can email Rich for further information at email Many of you will know that Rich both operates, flies and photographs Otters (and others) and has featured regularly on this site over many years. This is a 'must buy' as far as I am concerned.

Matt Biloff kindly lists those Otters he knows about that still have a radial engine. He notes:

There are still a few recip Otters left in Alaska although the number is growing increasingly smaller. Last I knew:
S/N 141 still operates with a PZL.
S/N 392 was still a standard Otter, although it has changed hands recently.
S/N 61 is still a standard Otter and operates on floats.
S/N 58 was a standard Otter, although it has also changed hands and there are plans to convert it to a turbine.
S/N 128 is still a standard Otter and operates on wheels.
There are several others that have a current registration but are in storage or rebuild. What engines that they end up flying with will be interesting to see.

Many thanks Matt. Very useful. Anyone able to add to this list?

John Olafson ahs been off cruising in Alaska (lucky fella) and reports from Juneau:

Our cruise ship, the Zaandam stopped at Juneau and when I looked outside I was happy to see that we were docked right beside Wings Airways excellent base. One by one I saw them arrive from the airport where they are parked overnight. They landed and taxi'd past the ship and parked at their dock.
They were very busy all day on flightseeing trips and I was able to get up nice and close to admire them. Most of them I had previously seen here in Vernon when they were being turbinized or repainted etc. Cheers, John

That took me back to my own Alaska cruise trip back in 2007. You can get good and close to the action both onshore and aboard and there really is nothing better (other than flying the things) that watching the comings and goings, beer in hand, as the aircraft land and take off beside the ships. (Except perhaps repeating the whole thing again when the ship docks in Ketchikan!!)

For all you modellers out there, here is a fine set of photos from Chris Parsons who has done a wonderful job with a Turbo Otter conversion. Chris notes:

I used some pictures of Otters from your website as well as from and, and also through contact with John Winter at Harbour Air to build and convert this 1:48 scale radial engined model to the Vazar turbine version. I have included (in no particular order) some pictures of the model under construction and of the finished model. [HERE]  Great Job Chris.

Now an Operator update from Lance De Foa:

Hello Ian:
I came across your web site and saw your page of DHC3 operators. Just 22 km west of Hawk Air, on Hawk Lake by Hawk Junction, is Watson's Skyways, on Wawa Lake, as one enters Wawa from the east.
J. Lance De Foa
P.O. Box 1217, Wawa, Ontario, Canada P0S 1K0

Thanks Lance and hope your season goes well.

Fred Barnes has also been on the west coast of Canada and reports from Vancouver:

c/n 427  C-FODX arriving on the North arm of the Fraser River at Vancouver South on 17.06.11. A/L says now Arctic Aerospace Inc.,  Richmond B.C. [HERE]


c/n 214    C-GHAG engine runs after rebuild, now painted with Harbour Air titles. Vancouver South 18.06.11.  Best shot I could get.


The fuselage of c/n 289 C-FLAP was in the main Harbour Air hangar and new panoramic windows have been installed. Still had Johhny May's/Air Inuit basic livery and is now on a rebuild. Sorry no photo. C-GHAG c/n 214 was nearing completion of overhaul on 13.06.11. and was outside on 18.06.11 and was re-reg on 20.06.11.


Will have some more at a later date. Best regards, Fred Barnes.

Thanks Fred. More to come and looking forward to those. Fred has also been busy with another article in Propliner Magazine I see.

And Finally. Chip Porter has sent in a couple of shots of Misty Fjords Air's Turbo Otter and accompanying Beaver. [HERE] Delightful as ever and more can be seen on Chip's website at

That's your lot for now folks and as I look out onto a grey June sky with a brisk and cool NE breeze I hope you will all have a good summer.

MAY 22nd Hi all. Apologies for the silence over the last month or so. Tad hectic on the work front.

Anyway, Lars Opland posed an interesting question. He asked
"..several years ago while I was photographing Katmai Air's PZL-powered N491K at Lake Hood, a fellow emerged from a nearby hangar & suggested I get as many pix as possible because "this is the last recip Otter & it's scheduled for turbo conversion next year". He may have meant the last recip Otter in Alaska, but I haven't seen one with a round engine since. You might want to check on this & maybe update a comment or 2 regarding engine types...

OK all you Otterhounds. Is there a round engine Otter remaining in Alaska? I saw (and heard) one in Ketchikan four years ago. Lets have any photos or news.

Steve McGinn kindly sent in a shot of his beaver between two of Slate Falls Airway Turbo Otters [HERE]. He also, has a link on his u-tube site of Otters in 1982, at South Porcupine ON. (No sound)

Many thanks Steve and very envious of the Beaver flying. Tough life I suppose, but someone has to do it!!


Long time contributor Fred Barnes is back on the email with some new shots. "Having just looked through the latest Otter update I thought that I would send the following image of c/n 160 144672. By coincidence I visited the US Navy Museum in Pensacola, Florida on 23 Mar and c/n 160 is now displayed in their 'Hangar One'. As you can see it is hanging from the roof".

Fred also came across an original DHC photo of CF-NWX c/n 412 when it was used as a company demonstrator and an image of N44NB c/n 44 taken at Lake Hood, Anchorage 05.06.88. when operated by Northward Bound. [PHOTOS HERE]

CF-NXW is now with Rich Hulina's Slate Falls Airways and has been converted to turbine power. Good to hear from you Fred and enjoy your BC trip next month -lucky devil!


Another regular John Olafson has sent in a link to Victoria Air Maintenance site and the AirGo turbo Otter that had the unfortunate accident with a forward roll following a wheels-down landing on water in front of an admiring airshow audience. Good news that she is back in the air. Thanks John and well down to all at Victoria Air.

Eric Lee, the Chief Pilot at Bald Mountain Air Service emailed: "I was surfing the internet and looking for a diagram of the single otter similar to the simple diagram of the twin otter and came across your site. Pretty Cool! [thanks Eric] There is another cool site dedicated to Beavers. [Neil Aird's site of course at]

"Anyway, thought you would like to know we have a couple twin otters and single otters. One single otter was bought from Selkirk Air a couple of years ago. We just converted to a garrett turbine this past winter. Let me know if you would be interested in adding a couple more photos to your site".

Good to hear from you Eric and hope the diagram was useful. If anyone else has a diagram for Eric then do send it through.


Otter pilot extraordinaire and photographer Kent sent in a couple of excellent shots of his 'office' - Rich Hulina's Zulu Papa - in the snow. Cool on so many levels Kent. Many thanks. [HERE]


And finally I had a great email from Design Group Alpha which I am sure you will all want to know about:


Hello Ian,


I think that you might like to know that Design Group Alpha has published a cardmodel of an R1340 powered DHC-3 Otter.  The model is 1:48 scale and is available in 9 different liveries:


Instructions for the model are as follows:


Within the next few weeks Design Group Alpha will be publishing a DHC-3T Vazar Turbo Otter.  There are three liveries finished now ( Kenmore Air, Harbour Air, and Air Saguenay ) and we are looking at making a few more.


The models are reasonably priced ($4.00 US) and all of the money is donated to aviation museums.


I would like you to know that we appreciate your Otter website and use it a a source for inspiration.


-Jim Gausman

Design Group Alpha


Now if there was ever an excuse to create your own fleet of Otters this must be it and the finished article looks superb. With Father's Day rapidly approaching (in the UK at least) and, frankly, almost any excuse to get back and do a bit of modelling of your favourite aircraft, why not download an example now.


Thanks for getting in touch Jim and I have put details onto the models section of the website as well which I hope bear fruit.


That's all for now. Best wishes. Ian

MARCH 26th John Caswell has been a busy fellow and provides a further shot of C-GHAG (see last months news) showing the fuselage damage. John says: "as best we know this was the first damage it had sustained in its many years of operation in Canada and around the world. I flew in GHAG in 1958 as a swamper moving Diamond Drill equipment when it was registered as CF-JUH of Fecteau Airways out of Sennetere PQ".

Thanks John and do keep us up with progress on the repairs.

John also provides some shots of replacement Otter C-GVIX in action off Campbell River Spit.

Rich Harris, who is Liaison Officer at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School writes:


Our Otter here at TPS is getting a little press soon. It is not only the only remaining military Otter in the world, but also has been owned by the US Navy longer than any other aircraft in the US Navy. To add, our DeHavilland Beaver is the oldest flying airframe in Naval service. As such, in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of Naval Aviation, we are showcasing it with the soon to be newest aircraft in the Navy, a T-6B Texan 2 that will be delivered to TPS late this week or early next week.

The Otter was built and delivered to the Navy in 1956 and we just recently found out it was the Last Otter to fly on the Antarctic continent for the Navy. The photo in the website is a Navy Archive photo so you should be fine to use it.

I'll pass on any press releases we get for this event.

Thanks for the update Rich and do send through any press releases. Beginning to feel the oldest something myself nowadays.

Mike Stedman sent in a couple of delightful (if chilly looking) shots of N753AK
[Here] What a smart looking Otter. And then a great study of this aircraft with a new look cockpit too. Worthy of its 007 serial!

And a very evocative shot of Wings Airways Otters on the pond at Juneau. N336AK serial # 333 is in front followed by N339AK serial # 454, N337AK serial# 418, N338AK serial # 262 and N753AK serial #7. Nice one Mike.

Lorne Keyes has been scanning his 35 mm slides from the early days and found this photo of Otter CF-GBY (Number 5) taken around mid June 1953 at Lake Bistcho AB. Great Lorne. I hope you were in a boat and not treading water! The history of this aircraft by the fabled Karl Hayes is here  

And finally this month, Stephen D. McGinn, who is the Director of Human Resources at Dumas Mining, has sent in an eclectic group of photos involving N1018B; C-FODQ; C-FODU in water bomber mode and C-FODY. Many thanks Stephen, good of you to get in touch with some very helpful shots from the past.

Well that all for this month and my grateful thanks to all contributors.

FEB 27th John Olafson kicks off this update with an excellent link to an impressive demonstration of the real STOL virtues of the Turbine Otter. He says:

Here is a pretty impressive demonstration of a Texas Turbine converted Otter demonstrating that with the Garrett engine there is no need for long airstrips.


Jan Vennix from Martinborough, New Zealand has provided a clarification to a post by Fred Sprenger

Hello Ian

I regularly enjoy your Otters news which you share with the world.

In your Otter news Fred Sprenger posted a image of a RCAF Hercules unloading a RCAF Otter with the caption that his was happening in Egypt. The image was actually taken in 1962 in New Guinea. For more info and RCAF Otters in United Nations Service see

On 19 January 1957 four RCAF Otters took off from the flight deck of HMCS MAGNIFICENT (docked in the Mediterranean at Port Said) to support The United Nations Emergency Force operations in Egypt. Possibly the only time Otters took off from an aircraft carrier?


I have attached an image of Freds ZK-VAS as it did serve as RCAF 3677 with the UN in Egypt.

We do love having ZK-VAS in New Zealand and Fred's enthusiasm for researching the history of his Otter.

Otters also flew (as cargo) in Globemasters, see other pics attached.

Regards from down-under
Jan Vennix

That's great information Jan and I would have loved to have seen piston Otter's making carrier take-offs and landings. Unlike the Turbine above which could almost do a vertical takeoff in a good breeze. Jan's photo's are [HERE]

And Finally this month:

John Caswell has updated the scene at Campbell River, on Vancouver Island.

C-GHAG being returned by barge after an unfortunate meeting with a piling on takeoff at Kingcome Inlet. C-GVIX arrived yesterday and will replace GHAG which is to be rebuilt in Vancouver by Harbour Air. [HERE]

Thanks John. Good job it was just the wing, but presumably the fuselage needs checking for distortion as well. I hope AG will be back in service soon. What a smart paint scheme they have.

Thank as ever to all contributors and I look forward to hearing from you all as the year progresses.

FEB 7th Liard Air of Muncho Lake BC experienced a tragic hangar fire on the 20th Jan and lost three aircraft including Otter C-GNNP (465) which was destroyed.

Apparently a generator in the hanger caught fire and without power the operator was not able to open the hanger doors. What a tragedy.

Here is a link to a photo on Flikr of the Aircraft concerned:

Thanks to Lars Opland for the heads up on this one.

Barry J. O'Brien of Voyage Air [ ] has kindly been in touch with the following update:

"For your information I (Voyage Air) have owned and operated C-GBNA Ser: 125 since the spring of 2002. I also own the Buffalo Narrows Airways name but we use Voyage Air. Our main base of operation is Buffalo Narrows Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray is a seasonal satellite base. You are welcome to use a photo of C-GBNA under the Walter Engine page rather than the PT6 you have shown. Great site I'm sure it takes a lot of work".

Good to hear from you Barry and thanks for the update. Hope you have a good season with November Alpha. Photos HERE

Check back for more.

JAN 27th

Lars Opland has kindly provided an update for the Models section:


Whiskey Jack Decals of Chilliwack, B.C. is no longer doing business. Gordon Parker has sold the line to Thunderbird Models in the U.K.

Also, a resin Vazar Turbo Otter conversion set for the 1:72 Hobbycraft kit is now available from Khee-Kha Art Products:

...& more news:

Arctic Decals of Finland produces Wideroes Otter decals which are available through Lima November Decals of Norway.

Arctic Decals also produces K2 Aviation & Rust's Flying Service decals for Vazar Turbo Otters in 1:72 scale. These are available through Khee-Kha Art Products in Alaska & Aviation Megastore in the Netherlands.

Lars is the owner of:
Khee-Kha Art Products
P.O. Box 875638
Wasilla, Alaska  99687


Thanks for the update Lars. Really must get my modelling hat back on some time soon.



Jason Pineau has been on a road trip and has sent in some excellent otter photos from the NWT.

The first one is C-FLLL of Northwestern Air Lease, at its home base in Fort Smith, NWT. This was taken in early November, just after she had the floats (amphibs) removed.

He also got some shots of Max Ward's bird, C-FMAU, in Yellowknife. Jason notes that this has been an elusive plane to catch in action, but he finally got some good shots. Rumours are that Max may not be using his cabin much in the future, and that next summer may be the last for MAU flying for him.


Many thanks Jason. Any more?



And finally....


Davy Doyon Jr. of Misty Fjords Air & Outfitting, LLC. in Ketchikan, Alaska decided to take his birthday off from work and go on an adventure. He says there were no cruise ships in town that day and that was reason enough! Too true Davy.
Here is where he went.. lucky chap [HERE]

More next month.

JAN 16th A mid-month update to pick up on a few missed and some new submissions.

A couple of additional pictures that slipped the net from Rich Hulina's December shoot at Sioux Lookout (see December below). HERE

Bob Hee also dug up a couple more pictures of N63354. Here he is being picked up from the shore line at Admiralty Island at the completion of a fishing trip. Bob notes that Ward Air still have N63354, now sporting a new paint job. But that is not the only change; they have converted it to turbine power.

Jon Olafson has sent in a link to the new Seaplane Base at Coal Harbour. Looks very swish.   I saw the beginning of this work three years ago when last in Vancouver and it certainly adds to the spectacular nature of the waterfront in this area.

Patrick Cloutier has kindly sent in some updates on airframes that he knows. HERE

First C-FLAP, serial #289, Has been flying in northern Québec for a while, being owned by Johnny May Air Charters in Kuujjuaq and then by Norplus, an outfitter operating in Schefferville under the name Norpaq.  Then, she was stored for the last 2 years.  She's been sold recently to Harbour Air of Vancouver, British-Colombia.  She will be disassembled and put on a flat bed to be ferried to Vancouver during next spring.  There, she will be restored with a PT-6 and wide windows, just like the rest of the fleet.  I'm sending you a picture taken January 2011 of C-FLAP parked at St-Hyacinthe airport, near Montréal where she has spent the last few years.

Second, C-GFUT, serial #404.  She has been in the military at the beginning of her career.  She was sold to Cargair, a bush operator in Québec where she has spent many years. In 1998, She was sold to Norplus in Schefferville and has been operated by them since. Here are a few pictures of her in Norpaq years. The photo sitting in the snow has been taken in January 2011 in St-Hyacinthe, Québec.  The plan is for her to receive a turbine conversion but we don't know when it will be done.

C-GFUT as well as C-FLAP are maintained by RayAir Maintenance Inc, in St-Hyacinthe.  That is why the planes are spending winter there to receive heavy maintenance during the off season periods.

I was chef pilot for Norplus from 2004 until 2008.  I had the chance to fly both of them, so I know pretty much those two fantastic and beloved airplanes.

I will try to find more pictures and infos of other Otters in my area to help you out.  I think sincerely that the hard work you are doing to keep a register of all Otter around the world is essential.

And here are Patricks super additional pictures: HERE

Well, thank you for your kind words Patrick and the very useful information and pictures.

And thanks to all contributors. Without you the site would not exist. See you again soon.


I've had a little play with Microsoft and created an Otter Calendar (pdf) for you to download and print for the coming year. Now, its no great shakes but might be a bit of fun for the study or den etc and I have credited the photos. The selection process was entirely arbitrary based on the many years of photos available and clearly there were many contenders so if you like the idea I can have a better go next year. [CALENDAR]

New contributor Bob Hee from Hawaii thought you may all be interested in a picture of DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter N63354 (30). Bob took the picture in Juneau, Alaska in June 2000.  At the time it belonged to Ward Air and he flew in it on a fly fishing trip over to Admiralty island.  As Bob rightly says, "What a great airplane!" Thanks Bob and do send in any others from that or other trips.

Those of you who read 'Propliner' will not have failed to see Fred Barnes' articles on float flying in Canada and the various trips he has made. The latest issue yet again regaled us with a trip in 2009 and Fred has kindly sent in some photos which included riding with an Otter as it made its stately way from lake to winter storage. The PHOTOS include:

C-FSOR c/n 239 At Nestor Falls prior to departure to Pistol Lake, Minaki.

C-FODK c/n 13 At Pistol Lake, Minaki awaiting collection

C-FSOR c/n 239 Being pushed up the track on the dolly to the Minaki Airstrip.
(Note the railway line)

C-GYYS c/n 276 Northwest Flying Inc base at Nestor Falls, at the end of a busy day.

C-FSOR and C-FODK are both operated by Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts.

All images were taken 16th September 2009.

As ever Fred, many thanks and keep them coming.

John Olafson made a trip to Vancouver South in September and netted a few nice shots.  "Here is one showing C-GOPP proudly parading itself past the Seair Terminal prior to making its takeoff. The other shot is kind of interesting as it shows the seaplane base from the opposite side of the river and a good assortment of Harbour Air's floatplanes with the Northshore mountains in the background".

Thanks John. Always useful to keep up to date with Harbour Air and Vancouver action.

Here's hoping that 2011 will be a good Otter year and I look forward hearing from you.


December 2010 The winter has come early and hard to the UK again and we are all huddled around our puny heaters, unused to -17 degrees and several feet of snow outside our doors. Now I know that - to most of you - this is no more than the whining of a lightweight Brit, but this is the third year running so we are catching up fast on the rails. Or we would be if they weren't iced up!

Now then. A little Christmas pressy idea. A couple of years ago on a trip to BC I happened to visit the Green Lake base of Whistler Air (as one does) and purchased a belt buckle from their reception showing a Turbo Otter. I have just found the little piece of paper attached with it and tracked down the maker. Jim Klement of Coquitlam BC (Grumman Goose Pilot of note) kindly returned my letter with a list of buckles he can provide and I have posted a photo of my buckle with full details HERE.

Jim's Goose flying can also be found on YouTube if you search under "1939 Grumman Goose Landing at April Point" or "Grumman Goose Water Landing".

Very Many thanks Jim and I hope this will be of interest to Otter aficionado's and others.

Some time ago now (sorry Fred) Fred Barnes kindly sent in a shot of N2634Y (59) of Aeronautical Services Inc, taken at Friday Harbour 14.06.99. His colleague Fred Froude scanned in the image. Thanks guys.

John Olafson thought you would all be interested in these recent photos of Otter C-FDNK (385). The aircraft has been fitted with Vikings new PT6 conversion. It has quite a few additional wing fences on it. John believes it is for sale. The aircraft was photographed at Victoria 14 Sept 2010. Many thanks John.

Otter pilot extraordinaire Kent sent in some photos of the freeze-up in action HERE. Much the same outside my back door in the fish pond - but without the Otter. Drat! Have a good flying winter Kent. Keep them level.

And finally, good to hear again from Rich Hulina with several shots taken at Sioux Lookout just last week. Thanks Rich. Have a good winter's flying.

So there we are for now. Up to date with all your current submissions. Back to you again at Christmas time.

Best wishes